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About Skoodo

Kids are born to play, so are Skoodo Shoes for kids. We, at Skoodo, as parents ourselves understand the struggle one goes through to find a well-fitting, comfortable and decent looking pair of Shoes for kids. What makes Skoodo girls kids shoes and Shoes for kids different from other brands is that our shoes are based on children’s foot science. We at Skoodo believe in the free spirit of play and work with a team of experts to make Shoes for kids that are designed to move and flex freely with the feet.

Why Skoodo?

Kids’ feet aren’t fully developed until the age of 12-14 years, during these growing years their brain learns gait, posture and balance while running, jumping and playing. The ground is a source of stimulus for sensations that their brain perceives. Signals from thousands of nerve endings in the feet cannot reach the brain if shoes have thick and hard soles. Skoodo flat shoes for boys and flat shoes for girls let feet feel this ground. Skoodo Shoes for kids flex with the feet freely as they move, enabling unhindered growth and development of feet muscles and bones. For a painless and comfortable playtime Skoodo Shoes for kids have a wide-fit that is snug, yet allows the toes to spread and get a good balance.
Buy kids shoes online at Skoodo. They are durable, washable and easy to wear.
Skoodo has a variety of style options of online Shoes for kids to choose from. Apart from an online size guide, we provide free size consultation to help you buy the right fit for your child. Skoodo girls kids shoes and Shoes for kids have vibrant color combinations and gender-neutral designs. So go ahead, and pick your trendy, stylish kids shoes for girls and kids shoes for boys at Skoodo..

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