"Skoodo has got it right"

There’s footwear you wear to protect your feet and then there’s footwear you wear to nurture them. Fortunately, Skoodo falls into both categories. When my 11-year-old niece set her eyes on her first pair of Skoodos, she couldn’t take them off it! The look, the feel, the colour, the design – it was love at first sight! When she slipped her foot into the shoe, that 11-year-old heart probably broke into a million little pieces. It was one size too big and the young romance seemed to be in danger of coming to a tragic standstill. We immediately contacted the team at Skoodo and they very patiently helped us figure out her right size. They promised to replace the shoe at the earliest and within the next 5 days, we had a brand-new pair waiting at our doorstep (Skoodo ships their shoes from Gurgaon). Safe to say then, love was right back in the air.

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Having been a competitive athlete for 12 years and a marathoner and coach for 5 years, I’ve spent more than half my life engaging in some sort of physical activity. The physical activity of my choice being running, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time looking for the right kind of footwear. From appropriate arch support to a wide toe box, from light weight shoes to the right amount of flexibility – shoe shopping was always an integral part of my training – one that required careful planning and thorough research. Over the years though, I realized that the single most important factor to consider while picking a shoe is to feel comfortable in it. Is your foot able to breathe well? Does your heel feel the impact of the ground upon landing? Do your toes have space to wiggle? Is the shoe able to bend over easily when flexed? It really doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. Especially when you’re picking a shoe for kids who are indulging in recreational activities. The manner in which Skoodo has simplified the shoe picking process for kids is where, I believe, Skoodo has got it right.

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While my niece fell in love with the aesthetics of the shoe, I was most intrigued by its no-fuss manufacturing. Make no mistake, this is not a shoe for those indulging in competitive sports. It is purely a Shoe For Kids who spend a lot of their time outdoors playing, running, jumping recreationally. For me, the standout feature is the fully flexible rubber sole that helps kids to move and play freely. That is what sets them apart from the other shoes in their segment. If you’re looking for a Comfortable Shoe for your child – one that ticks all the boxes for the safe and effective development of your child’s foot, then look no further. Skoodo has got you covered!