Why Skoodos Are The Best Shoes For Kids

Did you know that the part of brain gets information from feet is same size as hands

Imagine keeping your son/daughter’s hands in thick hard constrictive gloves all day! That’s what regular shoes do for feet. Losing so much feedback from the feet to the brain results in bad movement patterns and weaker muscle development.

When we spoke to experts - sports therapists, orthopedics and podiatrists, they all said that kids' feet are developing till the age of 14 and for the kids’ feet to develop well, they need.

Flexibility - for muscle development, kids need a very high range of movement. Their footwear needs to be flexible enough to allow movement through - the heel rocker, the ankle rocker and the big toe rocker. Hard constrictive shoes do now allow the foot to move naturally nor bend.

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Width - kids feet are naturally wider from the front. The toes are fanned out and spread when they run or jump or are generally active. This splay and recoil of the toes provides stability and balance. If the shoes are tight or narrow from the front, the toes cannot spread and perform this basic function.

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Sensory Feedback - the soles of the feet have a very large number of nerves that carry feedback about the ground to the brain. This feedback is what helps the alignment of the skeletal structure and in arch formation. Thick soled shoes that do not allow the feet to feel what is underneath take away this crucial feedback loop.

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So it is important how you choose the Best Kids Shoes Online.

Skoodos are the only shoes in India, designed with experts specially for kids to move and grow freely. Skoodos have -

Fully Flexible Rubber Sole - allows kids feet to move and bend naturally to develop strong foot muscles.

Wide Fit - allows kids’ toes to splay and recoil when moving for better balance and grip.

Comfy Ground Feel - a super cushioned insole with the thin rubber outsole that protects and provides comfort while allowing the nerves to carry feedback to the brain to help develop the foot arch and body posture.

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Skoodos allow the foot to perform its natural movement and so let kids’ feet and musculo-skeletal structure develop and become stronger. After all, feet are the foundation of the body in all of it’s movements, so stronger feet means more freedom to PLAY, better performance and fewer injuries in future!