Why Should Your Child’s Shoes Be Flexible?

If you have a growing child, you probably know that your kid won’t stay still. A lot of free movement in the playground and outside is normal and important for their growth and development, and that is exactly what brings us to the importance of good footwear for them. At these ages between 6 to 12, the muscles, joints, and ligaments of a child’s foot start developing properly and they gain the arches of the foot. This development, coupled with their need for free movement makes it necessary to pay attention to ‘flexibility’ while choosing their shoes.

Now, there are two main factors that affect the flexibility of Kids Play Shoes - the structure of the shoe and its overall fit. Choosing shoes and soles that are made out of absolutely soft materials is the key. They allow space for the structures to develop without constricting movement. A soft shoe sole that is made up of flexible rubber and is capable of bending entirely is the best kind for children. The rubber soles should be thick enough to provide support, but flexible enough to allow smooth, unrestricted movement, so your child can flex their feet in every direction while running, walking, climbing, and other activities.

Here are 3 things to check while buying flexible shoes for kids:

1- When the foot is bent, the sole should bend with the foot and the heel of the shoe should touch the heel of the foot.

Kids play shoes

2- The sole of the shoe should flex throughout and not just at the toe area.

flexible shoes for kids

3- The upper material should be soft - preferably fabric so it can bend and stretch with the foot.

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    It would be advisable to do a professional size consultation of your child’s foot as you Buy Kids Shoes Online because a child’s foot is always growing and developing. You may have to keep upgrading the footwear seemingly quickly in the early years because that’s when maximum growth happens. Shoes that end up being too tight might hamper your child’s foot growth and cause developmental pains. Hence, it is always best to allow children to walk around, jump, run, and try different movements natural to them in the shoes for a while and ensure their walking seems natural and not forced.

    As parents when you look for the Best Kids Shoes Online, it is essential to select shoes that will not only support the structures of the foot but also protect them from injury, heat, or cold. So, if you’re a fan of those ‘happy feet’, then getting the structure, material, and fit of your child’s shoe is quite a crucial step in your child’s development in the growing years.