When The Fit Is Wide, Kids Don’t Sit, They Glide

Kids love to play and they deserve a joyful childhood. Parents do everything they possibly can to provide what’s best for their kids when it comes to their education, health, and moral well-being, but often forget to include play in this long list of essential needs.

Kids are spending either by choice or due to circumstances, most of their time on screens these days, with less and less impetus to go out and play, we do not want anything to come in the way of their playtime by choosing the wrong kind of shoes for them. It is not uncommon to see parents struggling to find a decent pair of properly fitting shoes for their children and most certainly no parenting book advises you on how to buy the right shoes for your kids.

As parents we ought to understand that the outdoor playtime is an important part of holistic growth and development of a child which means wearing correctly fitting footwear is an inevitable requirement for preventing foot problems in kids and in turn providing a comfortable fun experience. But what is this correctly fitting shoe for kids?

Almost every store in India offers miniaturized versions of adult shoes. While it should not be surprising that a kid's feet are significantly different from an adults’ feet, the fact does go amiss. In a study based on more than 40,000 3D scans of human feet done in EU project Dorothy, the relative foot width i.e., foot width to length ratio shows that feet of children are wider compared to adult feet.

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The shape is almost triangular looking, wider at the toes and forefoot and so should their shoes be.

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On average a kid’s foot also takes on as much as 3 times the amount of force compared to an adult’s foot does in a day. The reason being, firstly, children are significantly more active than adults, and; secondly, they are more likely to engage in high-impact activities, which are good for their fitness and development. With high impact activity, the foot needs space to spread for better balance and grip and so kids need shoes that are wider.

Parents usually choose sports shoes that are available in kids size, unaware that those are based on designs meant for athletes’ feet who are adults not kids. These shoes have narrow toe-box constricting the child’s fit that might cause the smallest toe to turn inwards and the kid complaining about their toes and feet hurting after long hours of play or they might even remove their shoes while playing because of the discomfort.

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Skoodo shoes have been designed with expert inputs from podiatrists, pediatric orthopedics, and sports therapists to deliver both comfort and function. Our shoes are wide fitting at the forefoot region, have a rounder toe box so that the toes have enough space to spread as they play, especially the big toe which is crucial for balance and skillful movement. This structure also prevents toes from overlapping each other or rubbing against the side of the shoes. The wide fit ensures that the toes have room to spaly and spread during activity.

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So with these shoes not only will your kids be more comfortable and free during their play hours, they’d be doing that in shoes that are good for their foot development. Kids have endurance levels and recovery rates surpassing those of athletes as proven by researchers. With wide fitting Skoodo shoes they will feel comfortable even with long hours of play.

Children are curious little humans constantly exploring and learning new things, and to keep them at it they must have an unhindered playtime and unrestricted feet. For freedom of feet is the best gift parents can give their kids by choosing the right shoes for them. Skoodo has you covered when it comes to buying online shoes for kids.


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