Stay home, Keep PLAYING!

Hello everybody!

I’m back with another blog full of boredom-busting games!
Let’s hope y’all took the advice I gave you last time about loosening up and letting the kid inside of you have some fun, because these games are a whole lot sillier and funnier. 😃😉

Make some memories with your kiddos and don’t let the current situation stop you from having fun. So, play time starting in 3… 2...1… and GO!

Build a Fortress

Use any part of your house. Now collect pillows, blankets and bedsheets and build a fortress.
Be as innovative as possible by tying blankets to a bunk bed or across the room using chairs.

Make it cosy and play a few board games, read a book or just take a nap with your little ones inside.
Remember, the bigger the better!

Makeover and Playact

It’s always amusing to imagine you’re another character, whether it’s a superhero, a TV series character or someone from your own imagination.
To “Makeover and Playact” all you have to do is imagine you are your dream character.

Make yourselves and your kiddos look like a character too. Add a little makeup if you’re a fashion model, or a cape if you’re a superhero, or a pirate’s attire if you’re a pirate.
Now just have some fun acting out the character. You can put on a family play or act out a make-believe story!

‘X’ marks the spot

Image Credits : The Spruce / Kelly Miller

Take turns hiding an object around the house.
If you’re the person who hides the object then you must take a sheet of paper, draw a rough map of your house and then mark an ‘X’ on the map where you hid the object.
The other person must use the map to find the object.

If you don’t want to play the game using maps, then the person who hides the object must help the person hunting for it by saying “cold” or “hot”.
The closer you get to the object, the “hotter” you are, and the farther away you are from the object, the “colder” you are. Make two or more teams depending on the number of people playing. Enjoy!


What do you think this game is about? That’s right, this one’s about Magic!

The world of magic never ceases to amaze not only children, but “adults” too.
So why not try learning magic with your kids? Watch a youtube tutorial or find a website that suits you best.
Maybe put on a magic show for your family and surprise each other with your new magic skills!

Hope y’all get to have some mindless fun!

Feel free to tell me about your experiences while playing these games and let me know if you have some new play ideas we can include in the blog next time.
Till then, au revoir!

— Srishti Kannan

[ Srishti is our 13 year old, ‘Skoodo Expert’ on all things Kid and Play! Her love for doodling, writing, acting, gymnastics and finding the joy of play in everything she does, makes her the quintessential Skoodo Playmaker at heart. Watch this space for more from her! ]

Cover Image Credits : Designed by Freepik