Socks And Shoes Must Go Together…. Or Not

Did you know such a day existed? We didn’t either. Turns out lost socks Memorial Day is celebrated annually on May 9th to honor all the socks that are no longer with us. May there be a washing machine heaven where their souls rest in peace.

It’s also that time of the year when you say goodbye to all your single leftover socks. There's no point in getting attached, we need closure and this is the day we do that. We must let go of, make peace with what’s lost because life goes on with or without socks. And to make this process easier of letting go of our close-knit pair-less friends Skoodo humbly presents to you the shoes that perfectly align with this ideology. You don’t necessarily need socks to have a good playtime with Skoodo Shoes.

The fit with Skoodo shoes for kids is absolutely alright as is. These shoes have a wide toe box and are super comfortable. The flexible thin soles make the sockless feet feel at home in these shoes, ensuring a full range of movements and ground feel.The wide front of these shoes for kids gives enough room for toes to wiggle and spread during play.

Girls Kids Shoes


The thin sole let’s the feet sense the ground underneath for better foot-brain connection, so the brain can process sensory information from feet and learn skilful movements and balance. The flexible sole of flat shoes for boys and flat shoes for girls is important for the development of stronger feet.

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The experts in podiatry, sports therapy, and orthopedic pediatrics who we have worked with to design boys kids shoes and girls kids shoes that are awfully well-fitting shoes for kids agree that play life was never meant to be bound by things like socks, laces, and cushioned thick-soled shoes. It’s supposed to be free of needing all this paraphernalia. Skoodo shoes are born to bring freedom to play.

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To celebrate this day with your kids by having them put their Skoodo shoes on and be creative. Make sock puppets, or sock monkeys. Even better, turn them into dust rags, wouldn’t that be a good lesson in reusing waste. Meanwhile, you might want to go check our wide range of collections of Skoodo online shoes for kids, in case your kids don’t own a pair yet or want another one. Also, this might cheer you up from all the lost sock nostalgia. Go buy kids shoes online fast. Happy shopping.