Skoodos Allow Room For Toe Wiggling

Kids absolutely hate shoes that squish their toes. Imagine having to play and run around with your mind free but toes in jail! Whether it is running across to a friend’s place or climbing the jungle gym or even kicking the ball with the tuition group, kids' toes need room to spread and wiggle so that they can get a better grip on the ground and balance themselves while being so active. Studies show that wiggling toes is important for foot development. So when choosing boys shoes for kids and girls shoes for kids, make sure you pick shoes that are wide fitting.

Shoes that are too tight can move out of their natural alignment. According to this post on Healthline, “When toes are held in one position too much, the muscles tighten and don’t go back to normal length.”

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More importantly, moving your toes and feet strengthen them and can decrease injury risk, according to the Harvard Medical School.

So if you are picking up shoes for kids online, do check in on Skoodo kids shoes for boys and kids shoes for girls. We’ve designed Skoodo shoes for kids to have a wide and adjustable fit. Kids' feet are all different sizes and shapes even for the same age, so Skoodo shoes for kids have adjustable straps and kids can adjust the fit as per their comfort.

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What's more, Skoodo shoes for kids come in a variety of gender neutral colors and have a free size consultation to help you pick the right pair.