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We quite often see this word “balance” coming up in all kinds of conversations from balanced diet to balancing social and work life. Balance also comes up when talking about body, mind and soul. Balance is good, balance is desirable. Balance is what we need to live a healthy and happy life.

When we are kids, feet are the first body part that needs to learn balance in order to move the body. The simplest of actions need balance, like standing, walking, picking up things from ground, running, jumping precisely every movement needs some degree of balance to be executed neatly. Our brain also learns balance from sensory signals it receives from haptic perception. This is where the feet come in matters of balance. 70% of the brain information about body balance and posture comes from the feet. And remaining 30% from eyes and inner ear.

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But the question is why should a parent worry about feet and body balance at all? Isn’t it something that happens on its own? For the longest time parents have only paid attention to their kid’s developmental milestones in parameters of their physical growth like their weight for age, height for weight, muscle and bone development and other cognitive skills . We understand taking care of all these aspects is not easy and although it might seem like we are giving you another thing like foot and body balance to worry about, relax, it’s not that hard to look after. All you need are good shoes for kids, shoes that are going to support your kids’ feet to grow and develop properly and foster optimum body balance.

What are good or rather best shoes for kids, should we dare ask?

Shoes that are wide enough, flat enough and thin soled enough are the shoes your kids must wear. Let’s elaborate

Why Wide Fitting?

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Experts say toes are essential for feet to be able to support and balance the body for standing, walking and movements that involve legs and feet. Toes are to balance what fingers are to grip. When kids play, their toes spread, especially the big toe that acts as the body's anchor and pivot. Their toes need space to splay to provide a stable base of support which is why shoes for kids must be wide enough for toes to have an adequate wiggle room. When shoes are tapered in the front, they restrict the toes' natural movements (splay and recoil) causing weakening of foot balance and function.

Why Flat Soles?

Flat shoes for boys and flat shoes for girls make their feet stronger by allowing muscles and tendons to contract and expand naturally when loaded with movements. Flat shoes give your child’s feet an even surface to rest on and move their feet along hence adding to support and balance, taking away strain from ankles and knees. Studies have shown that foot weakness is related to higher risk of falls. That means stronger the feet are, better is their balancing game. Shoes with heels make the feet unstable, put strain on ankles and knees. The equilibrium of loading and unloading of forces on the feet while locomotion gets disturbed, making the foot more injury-prone.

Why Thin Soles?

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The 200,000 nerves in each foot play a critical sensory role in balance. There is a feedback loop that forms between the feet and the brain, when the nerve endings are stimulated by the tactile sensation of the ground underneath. This touch perception aids in balancing the body even over the most irregular and toughest of terrains to move on. So, when the sole of the kids shoes for boys and kids shoes for girls is highly cushioned or thick, the brain doesn’t receive any information about the ground that results in clumsy unskilled movements, posing risk of injuries by tripping over or overstriding during running or walking. The sole of the shoes for kids should be thin enough to allow the feet to feel the growth for improved balance in gait and posture of your children.

Skoodo kids boys shoes and kids girls shoes are made based on the above foot science with the help of expert podiatrists and paediatricians. Skoodo play shoes are the shoes your kids need for all-day play and fun with no foot pain and injuries.  Shoes that support physical development of your kids as best as possible.

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