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Skoodo has sold more than 15000 pairs of shoes for kids in the last year and for us, that means 15000 pairs of happy feet as one of our customers wrote to us “Happiness comes in a pair (of Skoodos). Bringing happiness through happy healthy feet is what we dig for every day. Here are parents sharing their kids views about Skoodo kids shoes for girls and kids shoes for boys.

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Feedback is one of the tools we regularly rely on to learn and improve our product and provide the best shoes for kids. When we first started we aimed to free the feet, let them feel, and have fun while they grow. Before our flat shoes for girls and flat shoes for boys got launched, they went under several rounds of trials with attention to every detail of the design from the binding of the shoe to the sticker that comes on the inner side of the shoe. We took feedback from kids and parents and eliminated every agonizing factor that most kids' shoes have while incorporating the scientific basis of how kid’s feet grow and develop in the design of our shoes. Following are some of the Skoodo Reviews that demonstrate how Skoodo are the best shoes for kids.

Let’s talk long wear COMFORT:

Customers have expressed their love for Skoodo kids shoes online hundreds of times in Skoodo Reviews in so many different words and comfortable for all day wear being the most consistently used, followed by flexible and excellent fit.

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Skoodo Reviews say Skoodo shoes are BETTER THAN OTHER BRANDS:

Skoodo shoes for kids are loved by kids for their style, design, and colours. They love how they look on their feet along with how they feel. The best sellers’ winger-glide and ziggie-zag ones are the most loved amongst other Skoodo’s shoes for girls and shoes for boys.

Parents have switched from big brands to Skoodo kids shoes for boys and kids shoes for girls after buying their first pair of shoes from us Parents found Skoodo shoes’ quality to be as remarkable as other big brands for sports shoes for kids and acknowledged a whale of a difference in the fit and comfort of the shoe. We have parents tell us how well the shoes fit and how amazing it is to not have kids complain about their shoes anymore. Following Skoodo Reviews are testimonials of this fact.

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All our products go through SATRA level quality checks. We have never shied away from doing what’s needed to ensure the premium quality of what we manufacture and sell. We, at Skoodo, strive towards making the best shoes for kids. It overwhelms us with gratitude when Skoodo Reviews reflect the appreciation parents have for our online shoes for kids.

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What Parents Have To Say About Skoodo Services:

As a startup, there’s nothing more important to pay attention to than what our customers have to say to us. We, at Skoodo, make sure to provide parents with our free size consultations so that their child receives the right shoe size and avoids inconveniences caused by wrong size purchases online. In any case, if such a need arises, we have a quick response system in place for hassle-free exchanges and timely delivery of our online shoes for kids.

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All Skoodo Reviews are sacred to us. We value each and every review as motivation to keep up our best work and an opportunity to learn. Our team of experts, designers, and footwear developers also help us with understanding the feedback and come up with improved designs.

To all the parents who are here for the first time and yet to try Skoodo shoes for kids might want to take a look at skoodo reviews before deciding to buy kids shoes online. And to all the parents who have already joined the Skoodo family, we’d love for you to take a few minutes to drop us a review about your experience with Skoodo shoes for kids online.