Should Your Child Wear Sports Shoes For Play?

The simple answer is NO, because PLAY is not SPORT.

Everyday play in the park is one of the most fun activities for kids. It is the time that rules don’t exist and they are completely free to do exactly as they please. But make no mistake, it is also the time that a lot of developmental activity happens both mentally and physically.

When children engage in free play, they do several activities and movements, changing quickly and in short periods of time. Their movement, overall and particularly for the feet, is not repetitive and unidirectional but quick changing and multi dimensional. They will run, climb, hop, kick all in one session. When we spoke to experts - sports therapists, orthopedics and podiatrists, they all said kids' feet are developing till the age of 14 years. During his time, the bones become dense and strong, the muscles mature and the tendons and ligaments develop stronger cross linkages. All this musculo-skeletal development needs free movement like play, and the right footwear to support it.

There is a lot of science that has gone into sports shoes over the last few decades. You would have seen this with every new launch and every ad for the large athletic brands. There are a number of specialist shoes for each type of sport, designed specially for the movement and performance in that sport. So you will find running shoes for pronation and football shoes with a really narrow toe box, tennis shoes are non marking etc. But given that they are specialist shoes, they do not allow for the kind of movement needed during free play.

For every day free play in the park, experts say, kids need shoes that are fully flexible. This is why we have built Skoodos to allow multi axial movement of the foot.

Skoodos are the only shoes in India with a fully flexible rubber sole. This allows the foot to flex in all directions and along all axes. Unlike sports shoes that flex only at the toes, Skoodos are able to flex throughout the sole. So the shoes move with the foot during all activities. The upper design and materials for Skoodo are also fully flexible. While most sports shoes have a hard and thick PU upper, Skoodos have a light flexible mesh fabric upper that makes the whole shoe fully flexible and comfortable for a high range of movement.

Kids play shoes

When a child climbs a bar and the foot flexes outward, Skoodos flex with the foot to allow better balance and grip; during a game of tag with rapid stop and start movements, Skoodos flex with the foot. Unlike each sports shoe that is designed to allow a specific type of movement, Skoodos allow the muscles of the foot to move fully and more movement means stronger muscles.

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So the next time you are choosing Shoes For Kids Online, think of the occasion they will use the shoes for. The right shoes are the ones that allow them to move, play and grow!


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