Should Kids Shoes Have Arch Support?

A question we have all pondered on at some point in our parenting journey as we look for the Online Shoes For Kids and offline, never really knowing who to turn to for the right answer.

Before we begin answering this question, we must understand that kids’ feet are different from adults’. A WHO report titled - Children are not little adults stated that adults and kids differ in so many aspects, like physical development, social development, cognitive development, immunity, etc. and this ongoing development in children makes them anatomically and physiologically distinct when compared to adults, which is also the reason for a child’s feet appearing different from an adult.

Studies show that children's feet in the initial years i.e., up to the age of 2 years, are underdeveloped; they are soft and much more delicate than adults. In their 3rd year, the ligament building process begins along with bone and muscle development, enabling arch formation in some cases, and no arch formation in others. Their foot development process continues till they reach 14 for girls and  16 years for boys.

To cut a long story short, as an adult our own feet might be flat or arched because our musculoskeletal development is over, but when it comes to children, the case is different, they are still growing, and so are their feet and this will continue till they are about 14-16 years old. In children, the shape of the arch goes from flat to an arc gradually over years of development from childhood to adolescence. Therefore, it is safe to say that a child would not need any external arch support unless there is any underlying predilection for one or is prescribed by a podiatrist in case of pain/bone deformity/genetics/injury or trauma. The right shoes for kids are hence those that are well-fitting, flexible, and do not interfere with this growth and development. What is needed is Flat Shoes For Boys and Flat Shoes For Girls.

In fact, we should not be worried about flat feet in children at all.

Instead, here are a few signs to look out for in your children’s feet, as per age group to tell what is normal from what is not:

    1. 1-3-Year-Old: No arch development is happening and they have a fatty pad in place of an arch. They don’t need an arch, they hardly go anywhere. That is why No arch formation is completely normal).
    2. 3-6-Year-Old: Arch development starts in some kids otherwise most still have flat feet because of the presence of fatty pad. Still, No arch formation is completely normal again)
    3. 6-16-Year-old: Arch development starts in most kids. A few might still have flat feet. Having an arch formed or not still doesn’t cause any problem. Only when the child complains about foot/ankle pain or gets tired after play or avoids indulging in outdoor activities or you observe any kind of deformity of feet or change in gait- that's the time you need to visit a doctor/podiatrist.
    So, Do Kids Need Arch Support?
    • Mostly not. There is nothing to be corrected. Their foot is still under development; all you need to do is wait for nature to take its course.
    • Unnecessary arch support in Shoes For Kids weakens the arch muscles and ligaments due to a lack of enough stimulation.
    • One of the simplest ways to encourage proper growth of feet bones and muscles is to choose Shoes For Kids that let them be. (no interference)

    When looking to Buy Kids Shoes Online or in-store should we look for shoes with arch support?

    It is futile stressing about a child’s flat feet unless they mention pain. The bigger question is, what can we do to avoid a future problem like foot/ankle pain that might need us to get to a doctor/podiatrist?

    As a parent, all we have to do is be a little more cautious about their foot’s natural development rather than looking out for arch support options.

    A simple tip to follow is to ensure the right balance between indoor bare-foot time and outdoor time in the RIGHT SPORTS SHOES or PLAY SHOES! Remember, the Best Kids Shoes are those that do not come in the way of natural movement and development. Whether you choose to Buy Kids Shoes Online or offline, always pick a pair that allows:

    1. Their feet to move and flex fully
    2. Their toes to spread wide
    3. Their soles feel the ground so that muscles of the foot can develop.

      The right shoes for kids allow their  feet to fully flex, fit, and feel the ground so Flat Shoes For Boys and Flat Shoes For Girls which will thus support proper balance, posture, muscle, and arch formation naturally, as they grow.

      In summary, when looking to Buy Kids Shoes Online Or offline, stop worrying about arch support and flat feet. Just pick a pair with this simple philosophy of FLEX | FIT | FEEL and leave the rest to Mother Nature!

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