Reading With The Feet. Should Your Kids Try This?

We send our kids to school to educate them, to make them learn how to read, write and understand concepts of science and society. But have we ever wondered how our body learns to stand, walk and run and do everything it does without going to any school for it? Well let’s put things into perspective. Our feet do the reading that the brain deciphers with each exposure of the body to different environments. As much as it might sound weird, you want to stick with us to find out how it makes sense and how it is linked to the best shoes for kids.
It’s not just our eyes that see the words, the brain reads them. We read our physical surroundings through touch as well which our brain perceives as experiences to learn from.

Our foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, over 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons that work in symphony to facilitate movement and balance in association with the brain. And for connecting the foot with the brain we have more than 7000 nerve endings solely in the sole of the foot and 200,000 in your entire foot. Now isn’t that something? Who could have thought these feet to be so sensitive? All this to say our feet don’t work independently of the brain or body.

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Physical growth and development of the body happens when all these components of our feet provide information for the sensorimotor control system of our body. Did you know that 70% of the brain information about body balance and posture comes from the feet? And only remaining 30% from eyes and inner ear. In fact, extensive research points to a definitive foot-brain connection in humans, which is so complex and dynamic that when activated, it allows growing kids to move with confidence, and security. And the best shoes for kids are the ones that promote this foot-brain connection.

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During one of the discussions with our expert podiatrist we came across the term “haptic perception” which literally means the ability “to grasp something”. It is the active exploration of surrounding surfaces and objects by a child as they move around with curiosity and awe for new things. Haptic perception emerges in early infancy and continues to mature into adolescence.

The foot to brain connection research authored by Dr. Brian A. Rothbard presents the mechanism on how signals from the foot are received in the Cerebellum: Normal Foot Motion sends non-distorted proprioceptive signals to the Cerebellum which results in non-distorted posture.
Abnormal (hyperpronated) Foot Motion sends distorted proprioceptive signals to the Cerebellum which results in distorted posture.

When kids are playing, they are reading through their feet and learning at the same time. After imbibing all this foot science in the making of Skoodo shoes for kids, we gladly bring to you shoes that don’t get in the way of this haptic perception, to put in simple words shoes for kids that allow their feet to feel the ground.

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The Skoodo shoes for boys and shoes for girls have the right amount of cushioning for comfort and protection yet letting the feet perceive the ground beneath. Skoodos are the only kids girls shoes and kids boys shoes that have a flat rubber sole that allows the foot to feel the contour of the ground. Hence the feet grow healthy without facing any injuries, pain or deformities, while the body learns proper gait and posture and the brain is prepared for future challenges. Parents must eschew shoes for girls and shoes for boys that have thickly cushioned soles which not only hinder the ground feel but also lack flexibility.
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