Re-imagining PLAY in the times of COVID-19

It’s a challenging time for all of us as we work together to keep each other safe.
How we respond in these unprecedented times on a day to day basis, while being “stuck” at home, will have a huge influence on how our kids will learn to respond and manage their own emotions and well-being not only now, but for years to come.

Our kids can sense that their world is changing but are not necessarily sure of how to cope with it. As the days unfold, we might see a range of emotions from them — boredom, frustration, anger, anxiety, tantrums, protests, confusion; and it is all normal and expected in such times.

We as parents, will hence need immense patience, positivity and involvement to give them a sense of comfort, safety and joy 😊. So, even as schools re-imagine online learning, and you re-imagine schedules and chores to keep them busy ✊, we thought we will spend some time re-imagining PLAY for the kiddos and you! 🙃

Curated below are some fun indoor games to play together while you’re home bound. Do mail in your views, feedback and ideas to keep us going 🌈

1. Balloon Volleyball

Tie a yarn or a sheet from one chair to another to make a net. Blow a balloon and you’re all set to make the first serve! Take the fun up a notch by adding head bumps or kicking the balloon.

2. Yoga JENGA

A twist to the regular jenga — write a yoga move on each Jenga block and set up the tower (use a pencil so you can erase it later). Every time you pull out a block, the player needs to do the given yoga move. If the tower falls, be prepared to do the plank to the count of 10!

3. Hula Hoop

Keep furniture and breakables out of the way and bring out the Hula Hoop. It’s an amazing core muscle builder and brings out the giggles too! Watch your kids squeal with laughter as they see you twist and turn trying to keep the hula hoop up.

4. Marble in the bowl

Take two large bowls and fill one up with water. Put some marbles (or small balls) in it. Use just your feet to pick them up from one bowl and put them in the other. Fastest feet first! If you want a clean floor, lay some towels on the floor or avoid water altogether. If you love messy fun, we recommend water any day!

5. Laser Maze

(Image credit: Autumn)

Let the sci-fi adventure begin — take some yarn and zig-zag it across your hallway from objects of varying heights. Challenge the kids to go over and under the laser without touching and getting fried!

    TIP: For added FUN make sure the full family joins in. Nothing makes the kids happier than adults struggling through what they can do so easily 😉.

    — Parul Sarin, CMO
    Energiser of Brands and People