PLAY ideas for the Lockdown

Being a 13 year old, I keep encouraging my parents to play with me. Most adults don’t seem to understand that playing games and having some crazy fun is something EVERYONE should do, no matter how old you are.

So, don’t be one of those boring, self conscious “adults” 🙄. “Adults” who are expected to be mature, always in control of themselves and always holding the weight of their family on their shoulders. You gotta loosen up! Trust me, it’s never too late to be a kid, because, really aren’t we all carefree, silly and happy-for-no-reason children on the inside?

So, are you prepared to have some unimaginable fun? Well then, get ready with your little ones! Infact, everyone “stuck” at home is welcome to join in. After all, the more the merrier! Ready? Set? Go!

The Floor is LAVA

Image Credits : Parental Guidance Guide

This is a perfect yet simple game to start off your session of mindless fun. Before starting, make sure you spread some pillows and stuffed animals across the floor. Now, one person screams out “the floor is lava!” and counts to 5 while everyone else must jump from one object to another. After 5 seconds whoever is still on the floor has been burned in lava and is out of the game. Remember, no player can re-use the same object to save themselves! Keep doing this until only one player is still safe from the lava. He/She is the winner...Congratulations! You’re always free to add your own little touch to the game to make it more interesting.

The Clean up challenge

Adding a challenge to even something as uneventful as cleaning up, makes it entertaining. All you have to do is call out the colour or shape of the items you and your kids must organise. Add a few fun elements to it like freeze-dance-clean or sing a song that starts with the first letter of the object you’re organising.

DIY Gaming Arcade


Fill up some plastic bottles with a little water and knock them down with a ball. To make it more challenging try knocking them down with different types of balls and attempt using a bat or a tennis racket to hit the ball!

Bottle Flips

Fill plastic bottles with just the right amount of water and flip them to make them land upright. Have a bottle flip competition or an obstacle course you have to flip through!

Popcorn Pushups

Keep a bowl of popcorn on the ground and lower yourself in a push up position to eat one. Winner eats it all! 🙌

Tada till next time!

Hope you all get to loosen up and have some stress-free time with your kiddos. Come back to Skoodo’s blogs whenever you’re looking for some play advice from a 13 year old! Adios Amigos 👋

— Srishti Kannan
Our 13 year old,
resident PLAY expert