How To Choose Shoes For Kids - Foot Facts

Let’s learn about feet today. Why, you ask! Are you a parent? Are you looking for a nice pair of shoes for your kids? Have you got any idea where to begin with, whom to ask, what all to know? Does it feel exhausting already? There, there! Let’s make it easier for you. Here are some interesting facts about feet that are going to help you better understand not only what kind of shoes for kids to buy but also why maintaining the foot health of your kids is so important.

Skoodo asked parents if they ever tried to learn about their kids’ feet in general before buying shoes for them? Majority of them said they never even considered looking up information about feet on the internet,let alone doing extensive research before buying shoes online for their kids. Only a very small number of parents were interested in learning but never actually did it. This was something that worried us deeply. No wonder pediatricians and podiatrists have so many parents coming in with their kids complaining of foot pain and other foot anomalies. The root cause of most of these absolutely avoidable foot problems is wearing the wrong kind of shoes. We can’t emphasise enough how vital a role shoes play in the overall well being of kids. For kids, feeling free and comfortable in their shoes during play time renders them mentally happy and physically healthy with strong, wide and flexible feet. So, let’s get started shall we?

Did you know that there are 26 bones in each of our feet and that makes up for the quarter of bones in our entire body? And that’s not it, each foot has 19 muscles, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 10 tendons, of which Achilles’ tendon is the strongest tendon of the human body. It is a tendon that connects muscles of lower legs with the heel bone and is essential for walking and running.

The feet aren’t made so complex, constituting so many structures for no reason, it has a function to play and a vital one at that. With 8000 nerves and 200,000 nerve endings in each foot there exists a foot- brain connection in our bodies, making the feet highly receptive sensory organs. Have you ever come across the concept of reading with your feet? Yes, you read it right, our brains have close neuromechanical-feedback association with our feet. The nerve endings we talked about have a function of feeling the ground beneath the feet and sending the signals to the brain for interpretation to learn and translate it into proper gait and skilful movements. The foot is a major sensory organ sending important sensory input to the brain for developing an informed response to the external stimuli when moving around.

Skoodo shoes for kids have soles that let the child feel the ground unlike the cushioned thick soled shoes that bar the feet from experiencing the terrain and deprive them of the learning opportunity to develop skilful movements. Studies have shown that thick cushioned outsoles insulate your feet from feeling the ground and reduce the sensory input to the brain.

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There’s one more part of the foot that warrants mentioning, that is the big toe. Do you know what the toes are for? The big toe and the similar looking smaller appendages on our feet play a vital role in maintaining balance while standing, walking and running. Our toes stay in contact with the ground about 75% of the time. The big toe acts as an anchor role in arch stabilisation during movement (mid-stance) and propulsion of the body forward.

When buying online shoes for kids, one must not forget to take into consideration the width of the toe box of the shoe. Good shoes like Skoodo shoes are wide in the front, enough to provide adequate wiggle room for toes to spread while playing. This prevents toe deformities like hammer toe, mallet toe etc and bunions from manifesting.

You might ask, what is the need for all these specifications in a kid’s shoe, after all how different can kids’ foot be from an adult foot? Although it might look like kid’s feet are miniature versions of adult feet, they are stark differences, both anatomical and functional.

To begin with, kids’ feet are relatively wider than adult feet, i.e., children have feet that are more width to length ratio than adult feet.

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In addition, human babies are born without arches, instead there is a fatty pad. Therefore, it’s normal to have a flat-feet up until the age of 6 when the arch formation begins and continues till the age of 16. Your kids don’t need that arch support in their shoes that the popular shoe brands might have you believe in.

Since, kids’ feet grow incredibly faster compared to adult feet, keeping up with the right size of shoe for your kid’s growing feet could be a daunting task.  In the first 15 months the feet can grow up to half a size every 2 months. This growth continues till the age of 12 for girls and 14 for boys, the rate slowly down gradually. And how much a foot would grow not only depends on genes but also on the external environment and nurturing. It’s crucial  to take note of the changing size of kids’ feet and buy the absolute right fitting shoes for them so that they can sense the pressure and range of terrains underneath their feet better for stronger, wider and flexible feet. Surprisingly, adult feet grow too, however extremely slowly to about half a size in every 10 years after 40 due to flattening and elongation of feet with age.

It’s baffling to know that almost half of us wear the wrong size of shoes. Women are 4 times more prone to developing foot problems than men. What is even more baffling is that only 2 in 10 people consider their foot health regularly, let alone their child’s foot health.

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Furthermore, if we talk about ailments that the kid’s feet are prone to, ankle sprain is the most common type of foot injury and plantar fasciitis is the most common type of foot pain. And it shouldn’t surprise you by now that the major cause for these problems is ill-fitting shoes.

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So did we make a compelling case for kids’ foot health and it’s significant relation to the shoes that they wear? Should you ever find the need to learn more about kid’s foot brain connection, you can visit the highly informative blogs on our website for more on this. Also for the answer to which shoes to buy after all, you must check out our wide range of collections of  kids shoes for boys and kids shoes for girls on We promise, your kids are going to love their skoodo shoes.