Freedom And Skoodos Go Together

Our one wish this August is for freedom. Especially for kids. 

Freedom from being only at home.

Freedom from online classes.

Freedom from screens as a primary means of entertainment.

Freedom to meet friends.

Freedom to go out and play.

That is the very least every child should have.

Skoodo was launched with a vision of freedom. Freedom to enjoy the unhindered joy of play. To not be bogged down by hard inflexible tight shoes, that kids want to kick off when they want to have fun. 

Kids Shoes For Girls

Flexible kids shoes for boys and kids shoes for girls that allow the foot a free range of movement. 

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Wide fitting girls kids shoes and boys kids shoes that give freedom to the toes to wriggle, spread and get better balance.

Falt Shoes For Boys


Flat shoes for boys and flat shoes for girls that give feet the freedom to feel where they go and help in arch and posture development.

At Skoodo, our only wish is that kids get the freedom to play in the coming year.