Back To School With Skoodos

So, we have heard, schools are reopening. Good news for parents and even better for the kids. How bored and restricted they must have felt staying at home all day, attending classes on computer screens, missing out on little things like hugging their friends and being able to play with them. Anyhow it’s time we all start getting back to the pre-covid lives as the pandemic, which is still very real by the way, allows us some space to navigate through.

Kids are looking forward to going back to school and have their horizons to explore and play freely expand with realtime classroom experience, open playgrounds and most importantly their friends at school. It is not only a welcome change but long overdue at that. Kids haven’t stepped out in their school uniforms and those boring black or white school shoes in more than a year.

By now they have gotten used to living in their comfortable home clothes and frolicking around in their home play shoes. To make this transition a little easier for students, most of the schools have allowed casual attire and flat shoes for boys and flat shoes for girls in place of uniforms and school black shoes. We, at Skoodo, absolutely second this decision because what can be better than getting to wear your favorite, most comfortable shoes all day at school?

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A lot of time in the past one year has been spent indoors, onscreens and doing most activities supervised and organised by adults. There is enough academic research demonstrating the positive effects of playing outdoors on children’s psychological and physical development. Studies have shown  how active kids had a bigger hippocampus, related to better memory performance, better attention spans and better executive abilities. That is to say, kids with more freedom to play showed improved abilities to set their goals and work towards them. This is where Skoodo shoes for kids come in. Since it’s highly beneficial for kids to indulge in physical activities, it is incumbent that kids do that in the right shoes. Shoes for kids that give them the freedom to play without the risk of injuries and chronic pain.

Let us walk you through the salient benefits of wearing Skoodo shoes for kids all day at school. Kids are constantly learning and are as much receptive to their environment as they’ll ever be. The school age is a crucial period for their holistic growth and development and that includes the foot-brain connection. Human feet are highly sensitive with thousands of nerve endings in their soles. These nerve endings receive stimulus from the ground underneath the feet and carry the signals to the brain, where they are processed and interpreted to lay the blueprint for skillful movements, body balance-posture, and gait.

The wide fit of Skoodo kids shoes for boys and kids shoes for girls is unequivocally the most remarkable feature that ensures comfortable fit, ample room for toes to wiggle and spread during playing and running around that kids usually do in a day at school. Having room for the toes to spread, especially the big toe, has a pivotal role in maintaining balance during all types of foot movements.

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Another indispensable feature of shoes for kids is flexibility. Skoodo shoes are made of rubber soles that allow flexibility for full-range movements of the feet and promote the growth of bones and muscles in the feet making them stronger. The shoes that have thick, stiff soles, weaken kids’ feet and ankles as they grow, leading to  clumsy  movements and feet prone to injuries.

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Who could have thought there could be so many benefits of wearing the right shoes for kids? Skoodo’s kids shoes for girls and kids shoes for boys are all-occasion footwear, with their vibrant colors and fashionable style. Hear from parents themselves what they have to say about the all-day comfort of Skoodo shoes for kids in their reviews.

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Since schools have introduced this hybrid format for dress code and uniform shoes are no more compulsory, parents don’t have to worry about going for shoe shop hopping because you can buy the perfect fit for your kid’s feet right from the comfort of your home. Buy kids shoes online on with on-call size counseling and assistance at Skoodo.  Had we gotten a chance to add some color and comfort to our school lives, we would have jumped at the opportunity. Going back to school shouldn’t have to be all rules and routine, it could also be about freedom. Freedom to play, freedom of feet from pain, and risk of injuries. Freedom with comfort and style. Let’s make going back to school a celebration with Skoodo play shoes for kids.