Are Your Kids Shoes Letting Them Feel Where They Go?

As your child grows, the one factor responsible for their balanced growth and one that is also often overlooked is their feet’s role in their overall development. The sensory feedback that their brain receives from the soles of their feet is crucial for their healthy development from the sole to the top. Hence, while we pay attention to other little details – like their clothes, skin, hair, intellectual development, etc., it is also crucial to pay as much attention to the right shoes for them.

Besides trying to pick the right shoe quality and size, it is important to check how comfortable their shoes are and even more important to understand the key factors that determine “comfort” in Shoes For Kids. To get the right comfort, it is imperative that your child’s feet fit right into their shoes and they are able to flex them throughout, but it is also necessary for them to feel the ground with every step.

Here is exactly what happens when you let your child step out wearing shoes that allow them to feel the ground with every movement.

  • It lets your child connect to the earth
  • It lets them be more mindful of their feet movements
  • It lets them develop a stronger muscle and brain connection
  • Let Your Little Ones Connect to the Earth

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    Back then, we’d heard our parents emphasize the importance of walking barefoot on the floor. Now that we are parents ourselves, we probably need to ponder why? Recent research suggests, walking barefoot and exposing your nerve endings to the ground regulates your energy levels and restores your natural balance. And, this is even more relevant for growing children. Of course, things have changed, and walking around barefoot for our kids may not always be safe and hygienic, but as far as possible it will benefit them to step out in shoes that have a thin and flat sole that allows for this ground-connect without compromising on protection.

    Let Them Be More Mindful of their Foot Movements

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    Footwear that allows them to be more mindful of their feet movements increases their body awareness which in turn helps them learn the right way to walk and carry themselves. Feeling wherever their feet move and how, leads them to develop stability, coordination, control in their feet, and proper posture. Skoodo kids shoes for boys and girls come with enough space inside that allows them to become increasingly aware of their movements, inculcating mindfulness into their habits.

    Let Them Develop Stronger Muscle and Brain Connection

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    The soles of our feet are rich in nerve endings. With direct contact of the sole to the ground beneath, the nerves are able to send the right signals to the brain leading to higher neuro-activation. This transfers sensory information to the brain, which develops better muscle responses, and in turn leads to proper muscle and arch development. Now, this sensory stimulation is extremely crucial at this growing age, which is why choosing the right shoes that do not come in the way of their feet feeling the ground becomes important.

    Skoodo Shoes are designed with thin, flat, and tough rubber soles that foster real ground feedback for your kid while keeping their feet safe. It lets their feet connect with the ground, while the elasto foot-bed inside keeps their feet cushioned, making sure they are comfortable in every movement.

    The Best Kids Shoes Online are shoes that are not only flexible and have the right fit but it is of utmost importance that they have a sole that does not come in the way of ground-feel. So, next time you go shoe shopping, ask yourself, will your kid feel their feet wherever they go?