Are Fashion Shoes Good For Girls?

Twenty years ago, the typical birthday gift for a 10 year old girl would have been a Barbie fashion doll. Today you would gift her the book Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls.

The norms for our girls are changing, we have many more and varied role models, stories, and even fairy tales have kept up.

At Skoodo, we want to keep up with the new definition of what LIKE A GIRL means. That's why our shoes are not made for girls or boys but are made for awesome kids. Kids who want to run, jump, dance and play.

Typical fashion shoes - ballerinas, sandals are inspired by fashion trends for adults and do not keep in mind the needs of growing feet.

Shoes with a narrow front squish the toes together giving no wriggle room for toes to spread while jumping, climbing or running and so impact their balance.

Kids play shoesShoes with heels, even a few centimeters, impact the alignment of the ankle, knee and hip joint, and put pressure on the lower back.

Buy Shoes for Kids OnlineHard soles with a hard arch reduce the ability of the foot muscles to feel the ground and adjust the foot and posture accordingly and weaken the foot muscles.

While dressing up once in a while is a guilty pleasure we might indulge in, not providing the right footwear for everyday casual play is not a good idea. At Skoodo, we have designed shoes in consultation with experts - podiatrists, pediatric orthopedics and sports therapists.

Skoodos are spunky, comfy play shoes that go beyond just comfortable and give room for growth and the Freedom To Play.

The wide fitting toe box allows for plenty of room for the toes to spread and grow making them ideal for an active day.

The thin flat rubber sole with a good cushioned insole, provides flexibility for the feet to move freely and provide enough feedback from the ground for the arch muscle and the posture to develop well.

The triple layer toe protection makes sure that being ‘dainty’ doesn’t come in the way of running the fastest, climbing the highest or chasing butterflies.

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We owe it to our girls to give them the functional springboard to grow well, so then next time you Buy Shoes Online, buy for play, buy for freedom and more sparkle in their eyes not on their feet!