Are Clogs Good For Your Kids?

Experts Say NO

Pediatric orthopaedics and podiatrists say active kids need Shoes For Kids that support their feet in all movements, provide good balance and keep them comfortable through long hours of wear. A good pair of Shoes For Kids: must be FLEXIBLE enough to let kids move freely, must be WIDE in the front, but have a SNUG FIT - not too loose nor tight to give an efficient grip and balance, must be SOFT and BREATHABLE and must let the feet FEEL the ground contour for better MUSCLE and ARCH formation.

Clogs are a convenient choice of footwear; we give it that. But are they a healthy choice especially when it comes to children’s feet? Do they have what it takes to be a good pair of Kids Shoes For Boys and Kids Shoes For Girls?  Consider this:

Clogs are wide but are they a Good Fit?

NO, the foot moves too much inside the clog, so the foot is unstable!

Have you found that clogs are loose and wobbly while running? Have you noticed how your kiddos toes need to grip the sole so that it stays on the feet? If the answer is a yes, then you might be in for a moment of truth. Owing to the loose fit of clogs and lack of heel support, the body has to overcompensate, making the feet prone to tendonitis, toe deformities, corns, and calluses.

It's important that  Kids Shoes For Boys and  Kids Shoes For Girls  must be shaped such that the feet are stable and snuggly set inside the shoe. With a wide enough front for toes to splay and flex while playing, running, and doing other activities, they must necessarily have straps that let the kids adjust their shoes for a snug fit.

Kids Shoes For Boys


Clogs appear protective, but do they let the feet feel the ground while protecting the feet?

NO, clogs are not good for arch and posture development in kids.

The sole of the feet have numerous nerve endings that communicate with the brain to help in the growth of the feet muscles and learning movements, motor skills and balance. Hence kids need to be able to sense the ground underneath their feet to have an established feedback loop with the brain that lays the blueprint for proper development of the feet, body posture, and gait. The ‘plasticy’, thick soles of clogs do not let their feet feel the ground, thus making them unsuitable for active movements that help in proper growth.

Boys Kids' Shoes


The sole of a pair of Shoes For Kids should be tough and protective, yet flat and thin to allow for a ground feel that is healthy for foot development. Only a natural rubber sole can be used to make protective yet Flat Shoes For Boys and Flat Shoes For Girls, not soles made of polymers like ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) or thermoplastic rubber (TPR) or polyurethane (PU), like those of clogs.

Clogs may appear light and durable, but are they light, FLEXIBLE and durable?

NO, they are hard and do not move with the foot!

One might think of crocs as durable but the important questions to ask are how flexible are they? How durable are they when flexed? Do they allow all the range of movements a kids’ feet goes through while playing? When Shoes For Kids are flexible they function as  one with the feet - almost as an extension of the feet. Clogs are shoes with a loose fit, made of non-flexible material that is unsuitable for growing kids and their activities.

A flexible shoe allows unrestricted motion of the foot and maintains a solid grip with the foot at the same time. Girls Kids Shoes and Boys Kids Shoes need to have a special construction and use light flexible materials to make this happen.

Kids Shoes for Girls


Clogs are washable, but are they absorbent and breathable?

NO, they are sweaty and slippery!

These shoes are easy to clean but is that enough? There’s a flip side to the coin -- breathability. Clogs have been notorious for causing stinky sweaty feet. It’s not surprising since the material of this footwear makes the feet sweat profusely after long hours of wear. Kids complain about their feet slipping out of the shoe while playing because of all the sweat and loose fit.

Kids Shoes For Boys

Shoes For Kids must be made of breathable materials like mesh and the inner part of shoes that comes in contact with the skin must be an absorbent fabric. While fabrics may just take a bit longer to dry, they are washable, breathable and absorbent.     

Kids' feet don’t stop growing until the age of 14 for girls and 16 for boys. It is during 3 to 12 years of age that kids learn all sorts of maneuvers from walking to running, from unsteady movements to proper body posture and balance. The feet play a central role in their growth and development, thus, choosing the right Shoes For Kids is as important as choosing the right food or the right books.

Dr. Megan Leahy, a Chicago-based podiatrist with the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, told HuffPost “Unfortunately crocs are not suitable for all-day use, these shoes do not adequately secure the heel. When the heel is unstable, toes tend to grip which can lead to tendonitis, worsening of toe deformities, nail problems, corns, and calluses. The same thing can happen with flip flops or any backless shoes as the heel is not secured."

The Bottom Line: Any kind of negligence when you Buy Kids Shoes Online or in-store during their growing years may have a harmful and long-lasting effect on their adult life. Do not choose their footwear only on the basis of immediate comfort and convenience.

This brings us to Skoodos Flat Shoes For Boys and Flat Shoes For Girls that have been designed using foot science for active kids under guidance from experts.

FULL FLEX : Skoodos shoes for kids have a Fully Flexible natural rubber sole that flexes with your children’s feet and supports a high range of movement.

WIDE FIT : Skoodos flat shoes for girls and boys have a Wide yet Snug Fit. The wide toe box gives enough space for the toes to spread for better balance. The quick-fit straps and the padded ankle allow for tightening the shoes for better grip. The feet don’t rattle back and forth or sideways with Skoodos fit.

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COMFY GROUND FEEL : Skoodo Online Shoes For Kids  have thin, flat, and tough rubber soles that fully protect the feet without compromising on the Ground Feel. The elasto footbed inside, keeps the foot comfortably cushioned for long hours of play.

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Skoodo Shoes For Kids are also washable, wide mouthed, breathable and lightweight, making them super convenient to maintain and easy to wear.

So, choose the right shoes for kids' proper foot development. Choose Skoodos! Buy Kids Shoes Online through our Website.