5 Top Tips for Buying Kids Shoes
As parents, we think a lot about our kid’s cognitive development (thinking skills), their health and nutrition, their social and emotional intelligence, and various other skills, hobbies and fitness. However, we rarely indulge in discussions around our kids’ feet and their healthy foot development, even though all of us have faced some of the other challenges related to our feet and shoes through our childhood and are possibly living with the after-effects of them as adults.

Well, buying kids' play shoes is a tough decision indeed. There are always so many factors to consider and we base the decision on things like the shoe shape, its design, texture, fabric, feel, or whether it should be with laces or without, along with keeping comfort and fit, durability, and cost in mind. It is also a tough decision because the choices available are not the best and what we want is the Best Shoes For Kids.The objective is to buy the Best Kids' Play Shoes that are comfortable and flexible enough to let the kid BE - to explore the world freely without any hindrance from the shoes.

Buying the Best Kids’ Play Shoes is essential for their growth and comfort. With the right type of shoes, your child would be quicker to learn balance and skillful movements without the risk of commonly occurring problems like toe deformities, ankle and knee pain, or bunions and calluses.

If we had a nickel for every time we tried to research the Best Shoes For Kids Online we’d all be rich, that said, there’s no doubt we all have evaluated multiple options of offline and Online Shoes For Kids and even after spending a considerable amount of time, we still couldn’t figure what makes a pair of shoes, the Best Kids’ Shoes that would check all the boxes, but do we know what are these boxes that we have to check? Let's find out.

Here are five crucial things to keep in mind when trying to Buy The Best Shoes For Kids:

1. Measurement - Getting it Right

Kids Shoes Online

The very foundation of finding the best shoe is to get the measurements right. The younger a kid is, the faster their feet grow. A 3 to 5 years old preschool kid’s foot size changes every 6to 8 months. From the age of 6 up until the mid-teens, kids’ feet keep growing and becoming stronger, wider, and longer. Therefore, it is important to measure your kid's feet every time you go Shoe Shopping, whether online or offline. Shoes that fit too snugly or shoes that pinch on wear or easily slip off from the start are a big NO. A smaller size shoe would hurt the toes and toenails, may even cause chronic bone deformities. A shoe that is too loose would lack proper heel support and strain the ankle and knee causing soreness and pain. So, the first step in finding the Best Shoes For Kids is getting the measurement right.

To get the RIGHT foot size, you can use the Skoodo Size Guide

2. Purpose of Shoes:

The second step in the quest for the Best Shoes For Kids is understanding the purpose they’re going to be used for and the age group the child belongs to.
Kids love playing and exploring. They have a way of learning really quickly. Kids between the age of 3 to 5 years start to run and jump with ease, climb stairs confidently, hop around and walk backward. That is why they need shoes that would let them do all these fun activities comfortably around the clock.

As the kids grow, they become better at all kinds of physical movement. A school-going kid gets involved in a lot more games and sports. They need Sports Shoes that would help their feet’ bones and muscles grow stronger and their movements to become more precise and balanced. So, whether it is Sports Shoes For Girls and Boys or lounging footwear that you are looking for, it is wise to know that kids’ feet endure three times more stress than an average adult foot, thus, their shoes must also be capable of handling that amount of wear and tear.

3. Comfort – Choose The Right Mix

Now to further understand the features to look for in Sports Shoes For Girls and Boys, let’s define comfort first - Shoes that have a balance of flex, fit, and feel and never come in the way of their FREEDOM TO MOVE.
Flex: Unrestricted flexing and solid grip. Shoes with flexible soles adapt well to natural foot movements and help prevent deviations from proper gait and posture.
Fit: Not too tight and not too loose. The wide toe box provides enough space for toes to spread while playing yet fits snuggly.
Feel: Comfortable cushioning without getting in the way of ground-feel.
Find shoes that feel comfortable from the start. Do keep an eye out for the third “F” in Flex | Fit | Feel in particular. Check for the right cushioning -- is the sole providing enough ground-feel to let the nerves at the bottom of their growing feet FEEL THE GROUND and send the right signals to the brain for better muscle and arch formation. Kids’ feet tend to sweat a lot and that means a comfortable pair of shoes for them should be breathable as well as lightweight.

4.  Include the Kids- It’s essential

Kids are the real judge of their shoes, no matter what the online advertisement or

salesperson tells you.

    • During the first shoes trial, make sure they are wearing the same type of socks that they would be wearing with the shoes later.
    • Let them walk around for a bit to feel the shoes - both from a comfort and style perspective. Better still, let them hop, skip, jump, run around the store or at home. Sports Shoes For Boys and Girls don’t restrict their freedom to move.
    • Besides all this, you can feel the big toe inside the shoe and check if there’s approximately a finger’s width gap between the tip of the big toe and the front end of the shoe.  
    • Another way of testing is, if you can fit a finger between the back of your kid’s foot and the shoe, it might just be the right fit.

    5. Style and Colour – It Matters

    The shoe fastening style is an equally important thing to keep in mind. Choose from Lace/Velcro/fastening systems - that allow the shoe to expand as the foot develops and grows. Kids love lace-less, which is both more comfortable and convenient when they are in a rush to get out to play!

    Sports Shoes For Boys and Girls come in a range of colors; the reason is solely to make them attractive to the kids. Once you have decided on the right shoe, please give them the option of choosing the color so that the kids enjoy wearing them.
    Buying decision - Don’t make it impulsive
    Don't make an impulsive decision, put in the effort, and take your time- after all, your kid's feet are still growing, and you still need to think about THEIR FEET development and how it’s going to affect them as they grow older. Don't get carried away with the offers and discounts, instead, keep the above criteria in mind while evaluating different options. Remember, a miniature version of an adult shoe is not the right answer.
    Bonus Tip – A little bit of research like this blog is always handy. Do check out the Skoodo page on our extensive research on kids' foot development and our inspiration for designing the only Kids Play Shoes in India with a unique rubber sole that flexes fully; a wide fit, and comfy ground-feel -- for long hours of non-stop PLAY.