5 Reasons Why Skoodos Are The Perfect Vacation Shoes For Kids

There is a pandemic going on, and it has impacted our travel plans like nothing else before. We can only hope for all this to get over soon so that we all can resume our old lives with gratitude in our hearts for having survived this turmoil of a lifetime. So, whenever you get the opportunity to travel with your family safely again, we want you to be ready. Going on a vacation with kids needs planning and preparation. One of the aspects while traveling is to make sure you get comfortable kids shoes for boys and kids shoes for girls. Nothing spoils a vacation like a tired and uncomfortable child. 

Here’s why Skoodo shoes for boys and shoes for girls are the absolute awesome choice for vacay time.

1. Going for a road trip, a long flight, or a train journey?

No worries, we’ve got you covered! Skoodo shoes for kids are well known for how incredibly comfortable they are, even for  all-day wear, be it indoors or outdoors. Our skoodo reviews are all about parents loving that their kid no more cries about their shoe biting or their feet hurting during long wear. The easy to wear and remove strap on designs of skoodo shoes make them super convenient specially for road and train trips.

Girls Kids Shoes

2. All-weather Skoodo shoes for kids for any time vacation plans:

Skoodo shoes for kids is a fix for all season blues. You won’t have to buy a different set of shoes for your kid for different times of the year. These are breathable soft girls kids shoes and boys kids shoes they can wear with socks in winters and enjoy without socks in summers.

Boys Kids Shoes

3. No-fuss hilly trips –

Skoodo shoes for kids have protective rubber soles that provide a strong grip for the uneven terrains of mountains making the stride as steady as that of a mountain goat.  The wide fit of the toe-box gives space for toes to spread and the flexible sole makes it easier for feet to move and maneuver while moving through the treks. So whenever you are going on a trip to the mountains, and might go hiking with your little ones, Skoodo flat shoes for boys and flat shoes for girls are perfect for the occasion. 

Online Shoes For Kids

4. Did we mention city holidays?

Skoodo shoes are born to play. They are flexible, snuggly fitting like second skin to your kid’s feet.  A holiday in a city destination has a checklist of  places to be explored. Between museums to monuments and national parks to mall visits, kids tend to transition from sweet peas to cry babies in no time for no fault of their own, those hard soled-nonflexible- poor- fitting shoes do hurt. Therefore, Skoodo shoes are there for your kids to save your family vacation.

Flat Shoes For Boys

5. Pack light to feel light:

Skoodo online shoes for kids are easy to pack, lightweight on the go shoes. No matter where you go and how you go, Skoodo shoes have your back. Just a single pair of shoes for all outfits and events because Skoodo girls kids shoes and boys kids shoes are fun,vibrant and come in cool gender-neutral styles. They are super comfortable and international quality.

Flat Shoes For Girls

Often vacations don’t go as smoothly as planned, but there’s one thing Skoodo can certainly set right  for you and that is peaceful fun long hauls with your children on your vacations. We hope all of us get to have a safe and happy holiday with our families real soon. That said, it’s never too early to start preparing. Go check out our skoodo collection of online shoes for kids and buy kids shoes online by ordering yours today!